Meine Worte haben nur Autorität, insofern sie eine Wiederholung, Entfaltung und Anwendung der Schrift sind

John Piper beschliesst sein 33-jähriges Pastorat mit einem letzten Predigtwochenende (siehe dieser Bericht). Eindrücklich ist die Rückblende auf seine erste Predigt:

If I could choose a symbolic sound that Bethlehem Baptist Church would come to be known for, you know what it would be? The swish of the pages of 500 Bibles turning simultaneously to the morning and evening texts.

The reason is this: the source of my authority in this pulpit is not . . . my wisdom; nor is it a private revelation granted to me beyond the revelation of Scripture. My words have authority only insofar as they are the repetition, unfolding and proper application of the words of Scripture. I have authority only when I stand under authority. And our corporate symbol of that truth is the sound of your Bibles opening to the text. My deep conviction about preaching is that a pastor must show the people that what he is saying was already said or implied in the Bible. If it cannot be shown it has no special authority.

My heart aches for the pastor who increases his own burden by trying to come up with ideas to preach to his people. As for me, I have nothing of abiding worth to say to you. But God does. And of that word I hope and pray that I never tire of speaking. The life of the church depends on it.

Darunter kann ich nur ein kräftiges AMEN setzen.