Warum doktorieren?

Warum doktorieren? Diese Frage wird mir auch immer wieder mal gestellt. Kevin DeYoung steht vor einem ähnlichen Unternehmen – neben einer Vollzeitanstellung als Pastor und seinen Aufgaben als Ehemann und fünffacher Vater. Er beantwortet die Frage wie folgt:

Why pursue a Ph.D.? That’s a good question, one I’ve asked myself since I was in seminary. I’ve pondered this step for many years. For me, the biggest reason for going back to school is because I love to learn, love to study, and love to write. I’m very excited to be starting down this path, knowing that I will be intellectually challenged in ways I haven’t been before.

There are other reasons for taking the Ph.D. plunge. I will be sharpened and humbled as a student. My knowledge of theology and church history will grow. I will get to dip my toe in the world of genuine scholarship and interact with other Christians in the field. And when it’s all said and done (assuming everything gets said and done), a Ph.D. may afford me opportunities for adjunct teaching and to enter into certain conversations and undertake certain projects that would be otherwise closed. I’m under no illusion that getting another degree will necessarily make me a better Christian, a better pastor, or a better writer. But I think it can make me a better thinker and that can help me with the rest.

Ich hätte es nicht besser sagen können.