10 Fragen zu meinem Kommunikationsstil

Paul David Tripp formuliert zehn bedenkenswerte Fragen zu meiner Kommunikation:

1. Does your talk with others lead to problem solving?

2. Does your talk with others have a ‘me against them’ or a ‘stand-together’ posture to it?

3. Do your words encourage others to be open and honest about their true thoughts and feelings?

4. Are you approachable and teachable or defensive and self-protective when talking to others?

5. Is your communication healthy in its relationship to how it structures the relationships in your life?

6. Does your talk encourage others and stimulate them to grow?

7. Do you talk to others in order to develop relationships with them, or do you only talk to solve problems in times of trouble?

8. Do you speak words of confession when necessary and words of forgiveness when needed?

9. Do your words reflect a willingness to serve others or demand that you be served?

10. As you face struggles in your talk, do you feel all alone, misunderstood, hopeless, and discouraged, or have you sought and found God’s help?