Wie beten wir für unsere Kinder?

Wir beten für ein hindernis- und stressfreies Leben unserer Kinder. Doch ist dies angezeigt?

The most frightening prayer I could pray for my children is the one they need the most. Now, I always pray about their behavior, their health, their progress in school, and their friendships. I also pray about their future and their jobs. I pray that my boys would marry “nice Christian girls.” But to be honest, when I pray for my children, it is easiest to ask that their lives be smooth and stress-free. It is easy to pray for their comfort and ease, for their lives to be absent of pain and grief.

Nein, ich möchte mehr.

It is hard to ask that God reveal their sin to them, that they see their need for a Savior, that they would be broken over their corruption and truly learn to cling to the gospel.

Ein überdenkenswerter Beitrag.