Wenn die Aktivität vom Sinn abgekoppelt ist

Jim Wilhoit, Professor für Christian Education in Wheaton, schreibt 1986 in seinem Buch “Christian Education and the Search for Meaning” (Baker: Grand Rapids 1986/1991, S. 9+10):

The current crisis in Christian education stems, in large measure, from a lack of clear purpose at the grassroots Level. The People most directly involved in Christian education – Sunday-school teachers, youth counselors, and Bible-study leaders – often have no idea of the ultimate purpose of their educational endeavors. The teacher of an adult class may be told that the Curriculum for the next quarter is a studay of the Book of Acts. Yet the reason for selecting Acts – or for studying Isaiah during the current quarter – may be clear to no one.  … The teachers believe that they should not bore the children, so they do their best to make the class a lot of fun. Often, however, no one knows the ultimate purpose for the class.