Beten für Ägypten

Seit Wochen beten wir als Familie für das Land und unsere Geschwister in Ägypten. Willem De Wit vom Evangelical Seminary in Kairo hat hier eine Auswahl an Artikeln über die aktuelle Lage in Ägypten empfohlen. Es lohnt sich, die Aufsätze näher anzusehen. Sawat Marzouk schrieb:

For a long time many Christians in Egypt chose to stay away from politics and lived in a closed bubble. Isolation from the public life was always perceived through a theological lens that the church is not of this world and should not make this world distract it from fulfilling mission. The mission here was understood in a very narrow sense that excluded social justice, freedom from oppression here and now. Theological discourse, preaching and even hymns reflected and deepened this sense of isolation and alienation. The chorus of one hymn read: “but I am not of this world; I belong to another home.” Whether because of real acts of sectarianism or discrimination against the Christian minority, or because of imagined fears that accumulated over the time, Christian Egyptians saw in isolation a safe Harbor.