Christen sind prophetische Minorität

Russell Moore, 41, neuer Präsident der Ethikkommission der Southern Baptist Convention, steht für eine neue Generation von evangelikalen Führern in den USA. Im Wall Street Journal hat er das auf den Punkt gebracht, was eben die Realität ist. Die Evangelikalen sind keine moralische Mehrheit, sondern eine prophetische Minderheit.

Mr. Moore explains that he thinks the Bible Belt’s decline may be “bad for America, but it’s good for the church.” Why? Because “we are no longer the moral majority. We are a prophetic minority.” The phrase is arresting coming from such a prominent religious leader—akin to a general who says the Army has shrunk to the point it can no longer fight two wars.

Die Kultur werde die Evangelikalen nicht mit Hurra-Geschrei empfangen:

He is definitely pushing a new tone for this generation of evangelicals. “This is the end of ‘slouching toward Gomorrah,’ ” he says. Not only is the doomsaying not winning Christians any popularity contests, but he doesn’t think it’s religiously appropriate either. “We were never promised that the culture would embrace us.”