Es gibt keine Evidenz dafür, dass Wissenschaft der einzig zuverlässige Weg ist, Wahrheit zu entdecken

Die New York Times stellte Trevin Wax die Frage:

Is it really so controversial to believe in biblical creation? Why are some people drawn to origin narratives like in Genesis, and others to the scientific story?

300 Worte musste genügen. Welchen Weg wählte Wax?

(T)he word count requirement (300 words) led me to think of how we might turn the tables, exposing the fundamentalist narrowness of scientists, not creationists…

Das Schlüsselargument lautete:

…this belief in science collapses on itself: there is no scientific evidence to prove that science is the only reliable way to discover truth. Once we take unproven hypotheses and dogmatize them, we have moved beyond scientific evidence into philosophical reflection on truth and the scientific method.