Ihr jungen Männer, verschwendet nicht die Kraft eurer besten Jahre!

Das ist eine Frage, die ich in dieser Schärfe noch nicht oft so formuliert vorgefunden habe (hier und hier):

“What will be the cost to the church if young men continue to give themselves to pornography?” What do we, as Christians, stand to lose if so many of our young men continue to spend their teens and twenties in the pursuit of pornographic pleasure?

Tim Challies dachte im Rahmen von Predigten über das Buch der Sprüche (5,7-14) über die Warnungen Salomos nach:

Solomon says that the young man who follows the forbidden woman gives away his honor and his time, he loses his strength and his labor, and he even calls for consequences to his flesh and body.

Was für die Trunkenheit gilt, lässt sich auf für den Bildschirm anwenden:

He describes this sexual captivity as a kind of intoxication, a form of drunkenness. Do not give up self-control and throw yourself into the arms of another woman, whether those arms are real or simply pixels on a computer screen. Do not invest your strength where it will be wasted. That is the very height of stupidity.