Ein Wunder ist per Definition eine Ausnahme

But mere experience, even if prolonged for a million years, cannot tell us whether the thing is possible.  Experiment find out what regularly happens in Nature: the norm or rule to which she works.  Those who believe in miracles are not denying that there is such a norm or rule: they are only saying that it can be suspended.  A miracle is by definition an exception. (CS Lewis in Miracles, p. 72)

Belief in miracles, far from depending on an ignorance of the laws of nature, is only possible in so far as those laws are known.  We have already seen that if you begin ruling out the supernatural you will perceive no miracles.  We must now add that you will equally perceive no miracles until you believe that nature works according to regular laws.  If you have not yet noticed that the sun always rises in the East you will see nothing miraculous about his rising one morning in the West. (CS Lewis in Miracles, p. 75).

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