Wir in China sind irritiert

Es tut gut, bisweilen von einer ganz anderen Ecke der Welt eine Einschätzung zu erhalten. Im Falle der Inobhutnahme von vier Kindern einer deutschen Familie kam folgende Mail aus China.

We, in China, are concerned about the Wunderlich children being freed. This is a sad situation when a busy government agency must waste their time traumatizing small children instead of doing their duty to spend their time helping the families that are truly neglecting or abusing their children.

We thought Germany was a developed country. Is it so paranoid that is can not tolerate parents teaching their own children in a loving environment? Most developed countries understand that homeschooling is a one on one or at least a tutoring situation. This is great for developing creative problem solving skills and critical thinking skills. Why would a nation fear this? It will strengthen your nation. You should encourage parent to be more involved in their children’s lives. Research consistenly shows that this developes the best students.

We homeschool our children and now they are in university receiving top honors and grades. Why fear this?
Free the Wunderlich children,