Warum ich ein Sechs-Tage-Kreationist bin

Es gilt in frommen Kreisen schon bald als politisch unkorrekt, an eine Schöpfungsakt Gottes in sechs Tagen zu glauben. Tim Challies bringt es simpel (aber nicht albern) auf den Punkt:

I believe the Bible speaks with greater clarity and greater authority than what I believe I see or what I believe I experience. Where many interpretations of science appear to contradict a literal six-day creation, I am not ready to re-interpret a clear and natural reading of Scripture to make it fit with these observations. The Bible is infinitely more stable than science and infinitely more reliable. G.I. Williamson recently said this well: “ I do not believe that there is, or ever will be, any scientific discovery that will be able to discredit what God has spoken. Yes, scientific theories do appear to discredit that creation account. But be patient. In time it will be seen that those humble Bible believers were right all along: it was a six-day creation.” I believe this too.

Mir geht es nicht anders.