Es gibt keinen objektiven Massstab mehr ausserhalb unseres Selbst

(A)bsolute truth and morality are fast receding in society because their grounding in God as objective, as outside of our self, as our transcendent point of reference, is disappearing. There is nothing outside the individual that stands over against the individual, that remains as the measure for the individual’s actions, the standard for what is right and wrong, or as the test of what is true and what is not.

… what seems implausible is that there is a God who is objective to us, who stands outside of us, who is the measure of truth, and who holds us accountable. We simply do not experience this in the course of life, and our experience inclines us to think that it is probably not true.

David F. Wells. The Courage to be Protestant. IVP: Nottingham, 2008. (61+68)