Zitat der Woche: Piets, Kuyps and Docts

John Frame wendet seinen perspektivischen Ansatz auf die reformierte Bewegung an. Interessant!

The Reformed Faith is exceedingly rich! Understandably there have been controversies among Reformed people, some of which I have mentioned here. There have also been many different emphases among Reformed theologians and churches. Some have focused more on the “five points,” the “doctrines of grace.” This emphasis is especially prominent among Reformed Baptists, but is found in other circles as well. Others (“theonomists”) have focused on the authority of God’s law. Still others (Kuyperians, Dooyeweerdians) have emphasized the application of God’s truth to social structures.

Wolterstorff and others have suggested a way of distinguishing various theological mentalities within the Reformed churches (especially those of Dutch background). They speak of “piets, Kuyps and docts.” The piets, somewhat influenced by pietism, seek above all a deeper personal relation to Christ. The docts are concerned above all with maintaining theological orthodoxy. The Kuyps are concerned to bring great changes in society.