Interview: Sichtbare Versöhnung

Ligonier/Tabletalk führte ein Interview mit Dave Furman, Gemeindegründer in Dubai.

TT: More than 85 percent of your country’s population consists of expatriates. What challenges and opportunities does this population present for gospel ministry?

DF: The witness of the local church here is a beautiful adornment to the gospel. One night at our home, we held a church dinner. The next day, a neighbor confessed to my wife, Gloria: “All night I had my face glued to my window looking at your yard. I saw Indians and Africans and Asians and Westerners coming together—bringing food and eating at your house and everyone looked so happy. What would bring you all together? Why would you eat with people who are so different than you?” Gloria saw an open door to announce the gospel and said, “It’s all because of Jesus.” Because of the diversity of our church, my wife had an opportunity to describe in full how Jesus tears down the dividing wall, breaks down all barriers, and brings together people from all nations at the cross. It’s because Jesus loves us and we love Jesus that we come together and worship Him. This was stunning news to our neighbor. Our church, filled with sixty different nationalities, is a beautiful picture of the reconciliation God has provided for us through Christ.