Input: Wie gehen wir in der Familie mit den Neuen Medien um?

Über dieses Thema sollte regelmässig gepredigt und nachgedacht werden!

Tim Challies, Pionier neuer Medien und Langzeit-Blogger, stellt einige wichtige Überlegungen zum Umgang neuer Medien in der Erziehung an.

The Bible assures us that folly is bound up in the heart of a child. The consistent message of Proverbs is that young people are lacking in wisdom and desperately need parents to teach them how to live with virtue. This puts all the responsibility on you. When you give your child a computer, a mobile phone, or a social media account, you are giving something that has immense power. Your child can use these things to do so much good, but he can also use them to do so much evil. If folly truly is bound up in the heart of a child, you need to assume that without guidance, your child will use them for evil. You need a plan: a plan that will help teach children to use those technologies responsibly.

Entscheidend ist unser eigener Umgang mit den Gadgets. Zerstreuen wir uns mit ihnen, oder fokussieren wir uns?

Put off the distraction that pollutes this digital world and instead embrace deep focus. It is no great secret that this digital world brings all kinds of new ways to be distracted. Our technologies seem to evolve toward distraction, so that every new generation of device finds new ways to call us away from one thing and toward another. Our devices beep, buzz, flash, and chirp—whatever they need to do to gain our attention. Over time we have trained ourselves to obey them, which makes me wonder: If we need to respond to our phones every time they beep or buzz, do we own them, or do they own us? As our devices evolve toward distraction, my concern is that we are becoming people who love and long for distraction. We enjoy those distractions and almost come to depend upon them.

Challies Buch "The Next Story: Faith, Friends, Family, and the Digital World" steht auf meiner Leseliste.