Zitat der Woche: Basketball, ein (semi)pelagianisches Spiel


I found myself in the invidious position of having to issue a clarification and apology for a theological analysis of an American “sport” (sic): I claimed in class today that basketball was not only the quintessential American game but also the quintessential Pelagian game. My evidence was that every time you get the ball, you score, so it’s all about quantity, not quality (hence American), and everybody gets to feel pretty good about themselves (hence Pelagian). I stand corrected: a student pointed out that, very occasionally, a team may get the ball and not score. Thus, basketball is, I guess, a semi-Pelagian game and not quite as bad as I had argued. Apologies for any offense.

Aus: Carl R. Trueman. Fools Rush In Where Monkeys Fear to Tread: Taking Aim at Everyone. P & R: Philippsburg, 2012.