Zitat der Woche: Nun gut, das ist deine Interpretation

Kevin DeYoung erzählt von einer Begegnung nach einer kontroversen Panel-Diskussion. Kommt mir bekannt vor.

I remember that session because of the man who came up to talk to me afterward. Actually, “talk” would be a euphemism. It was more like a harangue. This man, whose wife was standing off to the side with an “I’ve seen this before” expression on her face, was furious because I dared to claim that I knew what Scripture taught. I quickly realized our conversation was going nowhere and was only frustrating both of us. Anytime I would bring up a text of Scripture, he would say, “Well, that’s just your interpretation.” Then I would bring up other Scriptures to show that Jesus and the apostles claimed to know what Scripture meant, and he would say, “Well, that’s just your interpretation of those passages about interpreting Scripture.” Then I would talk about Paul reasoning in the synagogue, and he would say, “That’s only your way of understanding that story.” You can see why the conversation wasn’t very meaningful. We couldn’t talk about any other important issues because we did not agree on whether we could know anything for certain from the Bible. In short, we did not share the same understanding of the clarity of Scripture.

Kevin DeYoung. Taking God At His Word. Crossway: Wheaton, 2014. (58)