Input: Wir leben in einer gebrochenen Welt

Wenn prominente Personen Eheprobleme haben, wird das nicht selten öffentlich ausgeschlachtet. So war in den vergangenen Monaten immer wieder vom Enkel Billy Grahams, Tullian Tchividjian, zu lesen. Er hat sich von seiner Frau getrennt und nun die Scheidung eingereicht. Er ist als Pastor seiner grossen Gemeinde zurückgetreten. Hier sind die Ereignisse zusammengefasst.

Paul Tripp, der Seelsorger von Tchividjian,  hat ein lesenswertes Statement geschrieben:

I wish we lived in a world where pastoral counsel and heart, life and ministry restoration could take place in private, but those days are regretfully long gone. So, in light of the news getting out that Tullian Tchividijian has filed for divorce and to mitigate any unnecessary and unhealthy speculation regarding the details of the situation, as Tullian's friend and counselor, I have decided to post this statement.

Sadly, there are times in this broken world where things that have been damaged by sin don't get put together again. So, we groan, reminded that sin still lives inside us, that we live in a shattered world and that God's work of redemption is not yet complete.

So, it has been with sadness that I, along with others, have come slowly and cautiously to the conclusion that his marriage is irreparably broken.

From the point of Tullian's confession and repentance, he has been committed to dealing with the issues of his heart and to restoring his marriage. Much grace, counsel, thought, prayer and action has been invested over a six month period of time with the hope of healing the marriage, but sadly, there are times when the trust is so deeply broken and patterns so set in place that it seems best to recognize that brokenness, cry out for God's grace, mourn, commit to forgiveness, rest in the truths of the gospel and with a grieved heart, move on.

I remain committed to Tullian as a brother and counselor and I will continue to give him the gospel as he now deals with what we together hoped and prayed would not happen.