Aus der Blogsphäre: Die Uneinigkeit der Christen bezüglich Flüchtlingsfrage

Eine Flut von Kommentaren ergiesst sich durch den Blätter- bzw. Online-Wald. Hier sind einige Überlegungen:

Die christliche Kirche ist sich uneins. (Trevin Wax)

Evangelicals may be united that the Bible is the ultimate source of authority, but they are divided on how the Bible would lead us to respond to the growing crisis of refugees fleeing from Syria.

  • What is the best way to show Christian love and compassion?
  • How is the church’s role different from the state’s?
  • How do we show wisdom and prudence in securing the safety of our neighbors and nation?

Die Flüchtlingskrise und die christliche Hoffnung (Reformation21)

The response to the refugee crisis has been troubling, exposing the depth of the rot of Europe's psyche. Both in European societies and governments and within the Church it has also revealed just how impoverished our moral and political discourse actually is. For the difficult tasks of patient deliberation and discriminating political wisdom, a cult of sentimental humanitarianism–Neoliberalism's good cop to its bad cop of foreign military interventionism–substitutes the self-congratulatory ease of kneejerk emotional judgments, assuming that the 'right'–what ought to be done–is immediately apparent from some instinctive apprehension of the 'good'.

Zwischen den kosmopolitischen und dem kommunitarischen Ansatz unterscheiden (Kevin DeYoung)

While the universal ambitions of the cosmopolitan approach resonate with Christians, Amstutz maintains that good immigration policy needs to be balanced with communitarian insights about the positive goods that come from a strong sense of national unity, the realism which underscores the need for competing (and cooperating) powers, and the important role nation-states play in advancing human rights. In other words, while the cosmopolitan approach is admirable in its emphasis on inclusion and welcoming the stranger, it often fails to consider the social, economic, and security challenges which tear at the cultural cohesion necessary for human flourishing.