20 Zitate aus … Answering Jihad

Nabeel Qureshi, in den USA gross gewordener Muslim, Kind pakistanischer Einwanderer, schildert in seinem Erstling,  seiner sorgfältigen, gut lesbaren Biografie "Allah gesucht, Jesus gefunden" seinen Weg zum christlichen Glauben. Nun hat er ein weiteres Buch "Answering Jihad" herausgegeben.

Hier sind einige Zitate aus dem neuen Werk:

There is too much confusion, too much misdirected anger, too much misinformation, too little balance, and too little grace to remain silent any longer. 11

There is a great deal of violence in Islam, even in the very foundations of the faith, and it is not all defensive. 16

(A)s long as Islam is practiced in a way that calls Muslims to return to its foundations, violence will follow. 19

(T)he Christian teaching of loving one’s enemies, even in the face of death, might perhaps be the most powerful answer to jihad at our disposal today. 20

Apart from the first thirteen years of Islamic history, when there were not enough Muslims to fight, Islam has always had an elaborate practice or doctrine of war. 31

The scope of violence has no clear limits; it’s fair to wonder whether any non-Muslims in the world are immune from being attacked, subdued, or assimilated under this command. 52

The jurist must give primacy to the Quran, then consider the actions (sunnah) and sayings (hadith) of Muhammad, followed by reviewing the consensus of Islamic scholars, or ijma, before using his own reasoning (qiyas). 57

Not only is Islam not a faith that upholds the sufficiency of scripture alone, the complexity of its foundations virtually necessitates a reliance on jurists and scholars for proper practice. 59

What they may not realize is that radical Islam is the Islamic reformation. 75

ISIS is the realized dream of many radical Muslims to reestablish an Islamic state with a caliphate. 85

Islam is proclaimed to be a religion of peace almost entirely by modern Muslims in conversation with Westerners. Yet from the very earliest era of Islam until at least the nineteenth century, Muslim theologians were largely comfortable with violence, even systematizing and codifying it. 89

The Internet has made the traditions of Muhammad readily available for whoever wishes to look them up, even in English. 97

“If you want to follow the biblical model of attacking a land, the first thing you have to do is wait 400 years.” 121

Jesus commanded no such thing as the Crusades, neither in principle nor in reality. (132)

Some leaders have asserted that radical Islam has nothing to do with Islam, while others have seemed to assume that radical Islam is the only form of Islam. Both are dangerous responses. (143)