10+ Zitate aus … Gott beim Wort nehmen

Das Buch habe ich vor einiger Zeit bei Josia – Truth for Youth rezensiert. Hier sind eine Anzahl Zitate:

22 Sing, speak, study, store up, obey, praise, and pray—this is how men and women of God handle the Scriptures.

24 We go the Bible to learn about the Bible because to judge the Bible by any other standard would be to make the Bible less than what it claims to be.

35 (T)he authority of God’s word resides in the written text—the words, the sentences, the paragraphs—of Scripture, not merely in our existential experience of the truth in our hearts.

40 We are not interested in stories with a nice moral to them. We are not helped by hoping in spiritual possibilities which we know to be historically impossible.

45 The doctrine of the sufficiency of Scripture …means that “Scripture is clear enough to make us responsible for carrying out our present responsibilities to God.” It’s an ethical doctrine. (zit. John Frame)

50 The words of the prophets and the apostles are not meant to make us smart, but to get us saved. Redemption reveals. Revelation redeems. … If we say revelation is not complete, we must admit that somehow the work of redemption also remains unfinished.

68 The question is whether God is the sort of God who is willing to communicate with his creatures and able to do so effectively. Can God speak? Or is he gagged?

78 All religion rests on authority. In fact, every academic discipline and every sphere of human inquiry rests on au­thority. Whether we realize it or not, we all give someone or something the last word

87 We cannot truly know God, his will, or the way of salvation apart from the Bible. We need Scripture to live the truly good life.

92 Counselors can counsel meaningfully because Scripture is sufficient. Bible study leaders can lead confidently because Scripture is clear. Preachers can preach with boldness because their biblical text is authoritative. And evangelists can evangelize with urgency because the Scripture is necessary.

99 Christ never corrects a verse of Scripture when rightly interpreted and applied.

101 He does not want the word of God circumvented by human tradition or specious reasoning. Instead, every speck of Scripture must be applied to every speck of Christian dis­cipleship.

111 This is the very definition of inspiration: everything in the Bible comes from the mouth of God.

116 The word of God is able to do many things—everything, really. God created by the word. Abraham was called by the word. The people were gathered as a nation at Sinai by the word. Their deliverance from Babylon was made firm by the word. Lazarus was raised by the word. The apostolic church was called into existence by the word.