Input: Warum wir das biblische Buch des Predigers lesen sollen

In diesen Tagen lese ich zum dritten Mal in Serie das Buch des Predigers. Philipp Graham Ryken schreibt in seinem Kommentar Ecclesiastes: Why Everything Matters:

Ecclesiastes teaches us to put our hope in God … The book also reminds us, especially in its closing verses, that a day of judgment is coming. Like everything else in the Bible, therefore, Ecclesiastes points us to the gospel of salvation.

Ecclesiastes is really about the meaninglessness of life without God.

Weshalb soll man also diesees Buch lesen?

We should study Ecclesiastes because it is honest about the troubles of life.

We should also study Ecclesiastes to learn what will happen to us if we choose what the world tries to offer instead of what God has to give.

We should study Ecclesiastes because it asks the biggest and hardest questions that people still have today.

Wenn du schon lange nicht mehr die Bibel aufgeschlagen hast oder dich ihm zweifelnd näherst, dann lies dieses Buch!