Zitat der Woche: Eine Gesellschaft, verweht von Relativismus und Existenzialismus

Treffende Kulturkritik!

We are, in many ways, a civilisation adrift on the stormy seas of relativism and existentialism. The first ‘ism’ has robbed us of any transcendent standard against which we can measure our thoughts, our words, and our deeds; the second has emptied our lives of any higher meaning, purpose, or direction. Our compass is broken and the stars obliterated, and we are left with nothing to navigate by but a vague faith in the modern triad of progress, consumerism, and egalitarism. They are not enough. …

In our public schools today, there are only three virtues taught: tolerance, multiculturalism, and environmentalism. Really, there is only one: inclusivism or, better, egalitarianism – all people and ideas should be treated the same; all cultures are equally valid; man is not distinct from nature but merely another species.

Louis Markos. On the Shoulders of Hobbits. Moody Publishers: Chicago, 2012. (10+12)