Input: Vier Grundelemente für das geistliche Wachstum

In einem Brief an einen jungen Künstler, der durch den Aufbau einer Künstlerschule sehr absorbiert war, schreibt Francis Schaeffer darüber, wie das geistliche Leben gepflegt werden muss. Zunächst spricht er einen Denkfehler an. (Quelle: Letters of Francis A. Schaeffer, Crossway: Westchester, 1985, Pos. 920ff)

I think it is something like this in our spiritual life. Because it is the "spiritual area," so many people seem to think it should grow in quite a different way from the normal procedures of life. But this is not true at all, because it is the same God who made the growing of the trees and the growth of our spiritual life.

Er erwähnt dann vier Elemente: Regelmässig seine Bibel lesen, Gebet, Gemeindeanschluss und Bekenntnis.

If we need to eat regularly, we need to read the Bible regularly. [This is the first element.] It should not become mechanical, but there is no reason why it cannot be done so much every day. It does not have to become sheer "law," but nevertheless there is [a proper balance between] something being just a blind duty and something being done in a totally haphazard manner. The second element is prayer – learning to have communication with our Father in Heaven. He speaks to us through the Bible most of all; but also, and surely, in other ways. But there must be the communication from our side or the [relationship] is no longer what it was created to be; that is [in terms of our being] moral, rational beings. So regular prayer is very important and would fall into two areas: prayer as I am walking in the street and working with the materials that I work with; and then longer periods of prayer talking to our Father in Heaven. The third thing is finding a Bible-believing church or Bible-believing group of people and having fellowship with them. This is important too. However, it is better to have fellowship with no one than with someone that calls himself a Christian but in reality pulls us in the other direction. Then the final thing is speaking to others about the Lord. This is important if others are to know of Christ's saving work; but it is also important for us in our own spiritual life to be willing to commit ourselves anew by speaking to those who do not know about the Lord and all He is, to those who do not know Him. Thus, of course, we are most interested that your spiritual life does go on.

Nicht dass dies neu wäre; doch Wissen um diese Elemente allein genügt nicht. Wir müssen diesbezüglich gute Gewohnheiten entwickeln.