5 Hinweise: Hilfestellungen für die grassierende Seuche Pornografie

Pornografie ist eine Seuche unserer Tage. Sie zerfrisst das geistliche Leben von Einzelnen und Kirchgemeinden und zerrüttet (künftige) Ehebeziehungen und Familien. Sünde hat soziale Konsequenzen. Dies kann nicht genug betont werden. Wer in diesem Bereich Verstecken spielt, gibt ohne Worte der nächsten Generationen den Fluch – ja, hier nehme ich das Wort gerne in den Mund – weiter. John Pipers Website desiringGod stellt ausgezeichnetes Material zum Thema zur Verfügung. Es geht vor allem darum, die dahinterliegenden Motivationen zu durchleuchten und auf das herrliche Ziel der Sexualität hinzuweisen: Gottes Ehre!

5 Hinweise auf Artikel:

I Hate Porn: Porn is like a narcotic, it hijacks the brain, it redefines human sexuality, and in the meantime ruins lives, destroys families, and destabilizes ministries. And honestly it’s a problem that makes me tired — tired of the devastation Satan is causing to children, women, families, pastors, churches, and the world with this tragic evil.

Hijacking Back Your Brain from Porn: (D)on’t let this new brain research make you think of yourself as mere flesh and chemicals. This is the great myth of the modern world… Meaning is rooted in supra-material truth. You are not mere matter and energy. You are an embodied soul who will live forever in heaven or in hell, created in the image of God, unlike mere animals, and, as a Christian, bought with the blood of the Son of God, and indwelt by the very Spirit of God himself.

Seven Things to Do After You Look at Pornography: A lot of Christian advice about porn addicts is unhelpful — meaning, it doesn’t contribute to real progress in repentance, healing, restoration, and recovery. Most of all, it fails to address the issues that underlie porn use.

Free at Last – My Surprising Liberation from Porn: Like far too many young people today, my adolescent eyes found pornography too early and too often. Soon the allure of cheap and easy pleasure constantly haunted me. … Even after I became a true follower of Christ in college, I continued to struggle with sexual sin. My porn and masturbation patterns fueled impure relationships with girls.

Ammunition for the Fight Against Porn: Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry, the largest online. Some statistics suggest that nearly 70% of all men ages 18–24 view porn at least once a week, which is not to mention the struggle among Gen Xers, and increasingly among women. This is not a light matter. Porn is an outrageous sin against God and his image-bearers, including your own body. But we are not without guidance.