10 Zitate aus … Fool’s Talk

Einige Perlen aus dem Buch "Fool's Talk" von Os Guinness. Mit diesem Buch hat er 40 Jahre gewartet, um es zu schreiben. Ich bin sehr dankbar für dieses Vermächtnis!

Everyone is now in the business of relentless self-promotion—presenting themselves, explaining themselves, defending themselves, selling themselves or sharing their inner thoughts and emotions as never before in human history. (15)

“If it works, use it” is a naive contemporary approach that has already reduced much Christian speech to slick and smoothly delivered formulas or to garbled and mumbling impotence. (27)

Nowhere is the modern church more worldly than in its breathless idolizing of such modern notions as change, relevance, innovation and being on the right side of history. (30)

The great Hebrew prophets introduce us to the unsurprising but radical theme that apologists too often forget in practice: God is his own best apologist. (51)

Secularists only have a single dimension to their understanding of reality—this world plus nothing. (76)

This is the era of the “lookingglass self” and of “impression management,” an age that is bursting with multiple reinforcements of our capacity for deception. (90)

Looking for the treasure of the heart, and therefore for the consequences of logic in life, is not an assault on logic, but on its misuse. (123)

Sin is the active assertion to the right to the claim to ourselves, and therefore to the right to our own view of things. (158)

In a post-Christian era many of our friends, neighbors and colleagues will reject God for a score of reasons, but we must so live and speak that they reject God for God’s sake and not because of what we have said or done that has framed God wrongly. (161)