Input: Ausgebrannte Pastoren

IXMarks hat eben eine Ausgabe ihrer Zeitschrift dem Thema "Ausgebrannte Pastoren" gewidmet. Hier geht es zum meinen Notizen. Matt Schmucker stellt 30 hilfreiche diagnostische Fragen:


  1. Do I believe all things?
  2. Am I disciplined?
  3. Do I take the long view?
  4. Am I focused on the “Wildly Important”?
  5. Do I experience the victory that I preach?
  6. Do my convictions run deep?
  7. Do I live with that “Great Day” in view?
  8. Am I growing weary of doing good?
  9. Am I living on the force and strength of activities?
  10. Am I an over-exposed introvert?
  11. Am I praying?
  12. Am I a procrastinator?
  13. Do I delegate well?
  14. Am I humble?
  15. Do I fear man or God more?


  1. Do I have friends?
  2. How are my home finances?
  3. Am I bogged down in administration?
  4. Am I physically fit for the task at hand?
  5. Am I working on my days off?
  6. Do I take all my vacation days?
  7. Do I have young children?
  8. Do I have a supportive wife?
  9. Am I pressed on every side?
  10. Do I have real and historical mentors?
  11. Am I doing all I can to repair broken or difficult relationships?
  12. Is the routine of my work a problem?
  13. Is my happiness in ministry dependent on seeing evident fruit?
  14. Is my conscience wound tighter than God’s?
  15. Do my ambitions match the Lord’s?