Zitat der Woche: Theologische Spekulation unter der Schrift und den Bekenntnissen

Die hochinteressante Lektüre von Douglas Kellys Systematischer Theologie – er klärt meines Erachtens viele zentrale Fragen im Verhältnis zur Gegenwartskultur durch den überaus breiten Rückgriff auf Kirchenväter, mittelalterliche und (nach-)reformatorische Theologen sowie orthodoxe Theologen – wird verstärkt durch persönliche Einwürfe wie diesen:

While it would probably be wisest to leave the issue here (especially since I do not in general favor theological speculation), still, many years of reflection on this matter have made me willing at last to speculate, albeit hesitantly and humbly – always under Scripture and the Creeds. Thus I append these reflections as a sort of ‘theologoumenon’; a personal opinion, not an authoritative teaching clearly based on exegesis of Scripture or on generally received Church Confessions. I believe that there are two grounds (closely involved in one another) to suggest a tentative ‘yes’ to the possibility of the eternal salvation of multitudes who have lived before the gospel came to their culture. These two grounds are God’s relationship to the time and space in which He created His image-bearers to dwell. (Systematic Theology (Volume 1): Grounded in Holy Scripture and understood in light of the Church, Kindle-Position 5764)