Glauben ist hören (2)

The covenantal ligurgy of hearing and answering is evident already in creation. Every creature knows itself as the being that the Great King has worded it to be. God prepares a place by speaking, “Let there be!” and even the “response” of inanimate creation can be correlated metaphorically with this antiphonal (speaking and response) liturgy of the covenant (Ps 19,1-4). Yet it is only humans who, as God’s royal image bearers, reply with specific intentionality and in fulfillment of their specific commission – “Here I am”, a recurring Hebrew idiom. The differences between “Here I am” and “I see” are obvious. In the one, I place myself at the disposal of the covenant Lord, submitting to his Word; in the other, I am in possession. In the “Here I am” of the covenant servant, one is no longer a detached spectator of the moap, but is placed on the map…

Michael Horton. The Christian Faith. Zondervan: Grand Rapids 2011. (85)

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