Eine Bewegung im schiefen Licht

Trueman schreibt über die Puritaner:

The Puritans of seventeenth-centuryEnglandultimately lost the great battles of their day – politically to a Restoration government set on revenge for past wrongs, educationally to an establishment which excluded them and their ecclesiastical descendants from university education, and intellectually to an Enlightment whose self-conscious iconoclasm called into question the theological premises, philosophical assumptions, moral absolutes, and cultural presuppositions of their work.

They thus suffered the fate of all those who lose: as they did not control the writing of history, so they were either written out of that history or demonized by that history, dismissed variously as fundamentalists, pietists obscurantists, and moralizing kill-joys of no intellectual merit whasoever…

Carl R. Trueman, John Owen – Reformed Catholic, Renaissance Man, Ashgate: Hamphire/Burlington 2007. (32)

Ähnlich wie bei Calvin hat die Geschichtsschreibung über Jahrhunderte ein verzerrtes Bild dieser einzigartigen Bewegung vermittelt. Eine Auseinandersetzung mit den Puritanern lohnt sich auf jeden Fall!