Eine tiefe Sicht von Gottes Gesetz bringt Gesetzlichkeit hervor

Tullian Tchividjian hat eine Serie zum Thema “Gesetz und Evangelium” geschrieben. In der vierten Folge stellt er mit Rückgriff auf Gresham Machen folgende These auf:

J. Gresham Machen counterintutively noted that “A low view of law always produces legalism; a high view of law makes a person a seeker after grace.”

In unseren Kirchen wird uns ständig das Gegenteil eingeredet. Doch bedenke:

A high view of the law, however, demolishes all notions that we can do it–it exterminates all attempts at self-sufficient moral endeavor. We’ll always maintain a posture of suspicion regarding the radicality of unconditional grace as long as we think we have the capacity to pull it off. Only an inflexible picture of what God demands is able to penetrate the depth of our need and convince us that we never outgrow our need for grace–that grace never gets overplayed. “Our helplessness before the totality of Divine expectation is what creates the space for God’s amazing grace and the freedom it produces.” The way of God’s grace becomes absolutely indispensable because the way of God’s law is absolutely inflexible.