Die Prioritäten der anderen akzeptieren

Kevin DeYoungs nächstes Buch befasst sich mit dem Thema “Geschäftigkeit” (Busyness). Ein Aspekt daraus: Wir sollen die Geschäftigkeit der anderen akzeptieren.

To conquer busyness we need not only to set priorities, but to respect that others must set them too. This means understanding when people say no. It sometimes means not asking in the first place. Obviously, we shouldn’t say no to everything. We should be inconvenienced at times. It’s not always wrong to press someone for a favorable response. But simply remembering that most everyone else feels as busy as you do could do a lot to help everyone’s feeling of busyness. Don’t always expect the lunch request to work or that you’ll get a reply to the “what-do-you-think?” email. Don’t be offended if your inquiry doesn’t go to the top of the pile. We all have priorities, and unless you’re God, none of us deserve to be the priority for everyone else all the time.