Doug Wilsons neues Buch heisst “Father Hunger”. Er schreibt zur grundsätzlichen Spannung:

Our world is filled with fathers because it is a world created by God the Father. Fatherhood lies at the center of all things, and because the Father created the world, the world has to reflect that reality. But because it is a world that has–because of the disobedience of our first father–fallen into sin and rebellion, it is also a world that is filled with false information about fatherhood. We have a Father of all good things.

Ich habe das Buch auf meine Leseliste gesetzt. Ein Rezensent meint:

The author exhorts fathers to:

* Be there. Unless providentially hindered, make your physical presence with your kids a high priority.
* Your presence verbally.
* Identify with your son or daughter every chance you get. “This is my son. “This is my daughter.” Everybody in your life should know who goes with you.
* Express your love for them to them. Do not assume that such things go without saying. If ever they could have gone without saying, it would have been at the baptism of the Son of God. And His Father still expressed His love.
* Praise your children.