23 Gründe zur Freude

Paul Tautges zählt 23Gründe zur Freude aus dem Philipperbrief auf:

  1. You have grace and peace from God (1:2)
  2. God will finish the good work of transformation into the image of Christ that He began through the gospel (1:6)
  3. Fellow believers are a gift from God, partakers with you of grace (1:7)
  4. In Christ, you are filled with the fruit of righteousness (1:11)
  5. God works your circumstances to His glory (1:12)
  6. Christ is proclaimed, whether or not the preacher’s motives are always pure (1:18)
  7. Christ will be exalted in your body, whether by your life or by your death (1:20)
  8. Your death will be gain (1:21)
  9. True, likeminded believers who live in love and unity (2:2)
  10. Setting your mind on the humility of Christ (2:5-11)
  11. The privilege of serving in gospel work (2:17-18)
  12. One loyal friend and co-worker (2:20)
  13. The mercy of God in the sorrows of life (2:28-30)
  14. The Lord himself is reason to rejoice (3:1; 4:4)
  15. The surpassing value of knowing Christ (3:7-8)
  16. Pressing toward the goal of Christ (3:13-16)
  17. Your true citizenship is in heaven (3:20)
  18. True brothers and sisters who are loved by God and who love you (4:1)
  19. God hears your thankful prayers and gives you peace (4:6-7)
  20. Developing godly thought patterns is possible in Christ (4:8)
  21. You are loved by other believers (4:11)
  22. Contentment is yours in Christ (4:12)
  23. God faithfully meets your needs and the needs of your fellow believers in Christ (4:17-19)

Wie würde sich ändern, wenn diese Freude unser Leben durchdringt?