Drei Merkmale der Puritaner

John Webster beschreibt drei innere Merkmale des Puritanismus:

… first, Puritans had a dynamic fellowship with God that shaped their minds, affected their emotions, and penetrated their souls. They were grounded in something and someone outside of themselves: the triune God of the Scriptures.

Second, Puritans embraced a shared system of beliefs grounded in the Scriptures. Today we refer to this system as Reformed orthodoxy.

Third, on the basis of their common spiritual experience and unity in the faith, the Puritans established a network of relationships among believers and ministers.

… The distinctive character of Puritanism was its quest for a life reformed by the Word of God. The Puritans were committed to search the Scriptures, organize and analyze their findings, and then apply them to all areas of life.

Joel R. Beeke. Mark Jones. The Puritan Theology. (Introduction)