Input: Drei Hauptideen des Buches Hiob

Christopher Ash, Verfasser des Kommentars Job: The Wisdom of the Cross (Preaching the Word), hat ein hoch interessantes Interview zu diesem Bibelbuch gegeben. Er beschreibt die Hauptideen so:

A. What kind of world do we live in, and how is it governed? The most common answers are either that God runs it (full stop: what he says goes) or that it is chaotic, perhaps with a multitude of powers, gods/goddesses/spirits—call them what you will. The Bible’s answer is that God runs it entirely, but does so through the intermediate agency of a variety of supernatural powers, some of which are evil. This is a deep truth and one that Job explores, how God can govern the world making use in some strange way of evil to do it, without himself being tainted by evil.

B. What kind of Church should we want? The biggest dangers to church life worldwide are the “prosperity gospel” (if I follow Jesus, God will make me rich and healthy) and its close cousin the “therapeutic gospel” (if I follow Jesus and already have wealth and health, then Jesus will also make me feel good about myself). Job pulls the rug out from under both these distortions.

C. What kind of Savior do we need? Only the perfect obedience and suffering of Jesus Christ can bring grace to a needy world. Job opens up this truth perhaps above all.