Wir können die nicht lieben, die wir nicht kennen.

Leider bewahrheitet sich das auch bei Christen, die abfällig über Muslime sprechen. Schade!

Muslims haven’t always had very good interactions with Christians (think Crusades). Even today they see the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan as Christians fighting Muslims. You may think that is ridiculous, but it doesn’t change their perception. Muslims often hear Christians speaking against them as though they are our enemies. They are not (sin is).

Lernen wir unsere Nachbarn kennen!

I hope to help you learn more about Muslims and their religion so that you will understand them better and be more equipped to love them (though it would be even better for you to learn about Islam from them). We are called to love our neighbor as ourselves. We can’t do this if we don’t know our neighbor.

Hier geht es zum informativen Blog.