Geschaffen – für was?

Ich habe inzwischen einen Teil des Buches “Uncompromising” von Hannah Ferver gelesen. Das gefällt mir besonders gut:

  • Sie fängt mit der Hauptsache an. Sie beschreibt eine Sehnsucht, eine Kraft, eine Leidenschaft (the “Cause”), die unser Leben treibt. Sie ordnet diesem Phänomen eine Erklärung zu: “You and I were created to have overall purpose etched into our lives. That purpose becomes a passion that – whether we always feel it or not – helps to guide our decisions and defines the way we live. We’re meant to have a cause – a mission. … Our wildness was created on purpose, an echo of our Creator. … We were created for God. While we may funnel our passion into other things – like school, friends, status, success, popularity, and daily worries – we were originally designed to funnel our passion into giving God glory.
  • Die lernende Haltung: “If we ever do meet, I can’t promise you’ll like me. I have an opinion on almost everything, and if the other person in conversation is very quiet, I feel the need to fill up the air wirth the sound of my own voice. I jump into decisions impetuoulsy. I like overproduced, auto-tuned pop music. Clearly, I’m a very imperfect person. So please don’t take this book as me preaching at you. If I do come across as preachy, just shake your head. Remember, I’m that girl with problems, and you’re a girl with problems too…”
  • Bevor sie ihre eigenen Kriterien in der “Modesty Checklist” beschreibt, äussert sie diese weisen Worte: “I hate lists. They can be helpful for summarizing, but at the same time, they can completely distract from, say, the purpose of modesty. All to often people make up lists to replace the need to listen for the Holy Spirit. Rather than consulting God or conscience, we feel that if we live according to selfmade criteria, God will be pleased with our obedience.