Erfolgreiche Menschen hören nicht auf zu fragen

Jeden Samstagmittag summt mein Handy, und ich erhalte den wöchentlichen Tipp von Gary North. Diesen hier finde ich bedenkenswert. North meint, dass hartnäckiges Fragen – auch über das erste Nein hinaus – zu (wirtschaftlich) erfolgreichen Menschen dazu gehört. Allerdings muss zuerst der Fokus klar sein!

The people I know who have been successful economically have had this habit. They have made it routine. They ask for more.
They keep asking. They act as though they deserve more. So, they get more. They keep asking even though they get “no” for an answer.
Most people do not have the stomach for this. “No” means no. They go on to something else. Not the successful person.

He says to apply this in the equivalent of mass mailings. If you get “no” from one person, and it’s really “no,” go on to another person. He used a dating service this way. He went through the list until he got to “yes.” Then he asked her to marry him. He got “yes” again.

The successful person keeps asking. He makes a pest of himself. It does not bother him. He has a routine to follow: ask until
you get “yes.” This means you should focus on what you really want. Then  pursue “yes.”