Bundestheologie als hermeneutischer Schlüssel

J. I. Packer hat einen ausgezeichneten, dichten Aufsatz zur Bundestheologie geschrieben, das der Neuauflage von Herman Witsius “The Economy of the Covenants between God and Man: Comprehending A Complete Body of Divinity” als Einleitung vorangestellt ist. Jeder Abschnitt muss verdaut werden. Es lohnt sich.

Biblical doctrine, first to last, has to do with covenantal relationships between God and man; biblical ethics has to do with expressing God’s covenantal relationship to us in covenantal relationships between ourselves and others; and Christian religion has the nature of covenant life, in which God is the direct object of our faith, hope, love, worship, and service, all animated by gratitude for grace.

Covenant theology offers a total view, which it is ready to validate from Scripture itself if challenged, as to how the various parts of the Bible stand related to each other.