{Lektüre} Über die Verbindung von Glaube und Arbeit

Evan H. Runner hat in einem Satz beschrieben, wie ich meine Arbeit und meine Forschung mit meinem Glauben im Einklang sehe:

We can quite naturally and happily go from Scripture to our field of research and back again, glorying in our God and Father, Who is above all and blessed forever. (in: The Relation of the Bible to Learning, S. 35)

(…) the matter of supreme importance is whether the man who in his personal faith is Christian has learned through and in that faith to see problems of his field of study in the revealing light of the Word of God. (ebd. S. 40)

Andernfalls eine nicht der Glaube,

… but rather the work in which we are engaged as scholars. Then we shall, each for each, be busied with whatever light our fields are pleased to surrender to us. (ebd. S. 41)