Das Ersatz-Ziel der Bildung

Modern man has his own substitute for historic Christianity. He, not God, determines the goal of life. He must be his own standard of right and wrong. He must provide his own power of motivation.

To teach children these things, he insists, is really to prepare them for life. To speak to them of heaven and hell is to create false hopes and false fears. But to speak to them of improving themselves and mankind is to set up a goal which they can understand and possibly attain.

(…) (M)an is the final reference point in human experience. Man must look within, and within only, if he is to have continuity in his experience. The puil must be shown to set his own ideals. He must learn to find the criterion within himself.

Cornelius van Til. The Dilemma of Education. P & R: Philippsburg 1956.