Intellektuelle Einwände gegen die Bibel sind Ausdruck der Rebellion gegen den Schöpfer

We can begin to answer many of our difficulties in a number of areas if we make ourselves aware of the assumptions that we tend to bring along when we study the Bible. But our deepest difficulties cannot be resolved merely on a narrowly intellectual plane. Our deepest difficulty is sin, rebellion against God. We have desires in our hearts that resist the Bible’s views and what God has to say. . . . We will focus primarily on more intellectual difficulties, because these can be more directly and more easily addressed. But it is wise to remember that more stubborn difficulties lurk beneath the surface (Vern Poythress, Inerrancy and Worldview, 16).

Hier geht es zu einer Rezension des Buches.

Intellectual objections to the Bible’s truth claims are expressions of inner rebellion against the Creator, not the chief cause of a person’s unbelief.