Mr. and Mrs. Jesus?

Die Entdeckung eines Papyrus-Fragments aus dem 4. Jahrhundert ging durch die weltweiten Medien (siehe die Meldung von Ron inkl. Links in den Kommentaren). Hier der lesenswerte Kommentar in der NY Times von James Martin, eines jesuitischen Priesters:

It is more likely that Jesus was celibate. Remember that Dr. King’s papyrus dates from the fourth century — roughly 350 years after Jesus’s life and death. The four familiar Gospels, on the other hand, were written much closer to the time of Jesus, only a few decades away from the events in question. They have a greater claim to accuracy — even if the new manuscript is, as has been surmised, a copy of an earlier, second-century text.

Hier geht es zum Kommentar des renommierten Gelehrten Andreas Köstenberger:

The discovery renews debate as to whether or not Jesus was married, popularized in the mega-bestseller The Da Vinci Code. It is also potentially relevant for the Roman Catholic celibacy requirement. Even if genuine, however, there is a long way from inferring from the reference to Jesus’ wife in this fragment to concluding that Jesus was in fact married. There is no reference to Jesus being married in the four canonical Gospels, our best first-century evidence concerning the life of Jesus. It will be difficult to connect this reference to actual historical knowledge of an alleged marriage of Jesus.