Ehrlich sein über unseren Antrieb

Andrew Wilson hat mit Rob Bell über dessen neues Buch debattiert. Neben der Dialogfähigkeit von Wilson beeindruckt dessen Schlussstatement (dieser Mitschrift entnommen):

If you’re saying, the world’s moved on – God’s gonna get left behind if we don’t change it – even though to be honest I’ve got a sneaking feeling that there might be a lot in Scripture that speaks against this, but I just don’t think we can afford to keep sticking with that because it looks boring and retrograde and backward and intolerant, then — so we will drop what I think Jesus, or Paul, or the apostles, or anybody else was saying, in order to make ourselves more adaptable to the modern age — that doesn’t mean you’re not a Christian, of course it doesn’t — it doesn’t mean you’ve even gone — in my understanding, liberal is, resurrection-denying, and you’re not doing — close to doing that — but it does mean that there’s something quite fundamental that might be switching–which is saying I don’t think that I can hold this text as being a high standard for behavior and morality anymore, and that’s a big enough deal to people like me.