Buchreview: Ein aufregendes und konsternierendes Werk

Ich habe das grosse Werk von N. T. Wright nicht gelesen. Guy Prentiss Waters, der unter E. P. Sanders promoviert hat, schrieb eine inhaltlich sehr ansprechende Rezension des umfangreichen Werkes (1600 Seiten).

In conclusion, PFG is at once fascinating and frustrating. In highlighting Paul as a covenantal, narratival, eschatological, and coherent thinker, the core of whose theology is Christ, crucified and raised from the dead, Wright has captured the outlines of the apostle Paul’s teaching. In its formulations on justification, and in the way in which it speaks of sin and salvation, PFG raises serious, material concerns that it does not satisfactorily resolve. Taken as a whole, PFG is less like Paris’s Notre-Dame than Barcelona’s unfinished Sagrada Familia—imposing, singular, and ingenious. And, like Sagrada Familia, PFG will probably be around for quite a while, exciting puzzlement, admiration, and consternation—all at the same time.