Zitat der Woche: Die Puritaner über die Trinität

Die Lehre der Trinität ist zentral für den christlichen Glauben. Vergangene Generationen haben intensiv darüber nachgedacht: Die alten Väter, die Reformationen und auch die Puritaner. Beeke fasst zusammen:

In defending the doctrine of the Trinity, the Puritans were zealous to maintain the co-equality in power and glory, co-eternality, and consubstantiality of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit by virtue of the fact that they share in the same essence, thus resisting any form of ontological subordination among the persons. There is, however, an “order of relationships among the persons” (ordo personarum sive relationum). In order of subsistence, the Father is the First Person of the Godhead, the “fountain of deity” (fons deitatis), who eternally begets the Son, the Second Person. The Spirit, third in subsistence, proceeds from both the Father and the Son. These three persons, because they are “distinct but not separate” (distinctio sed non separatio), abide in and through one another (circumincessio).

Joel R. Beeke. Mark Jones. A Puritan Theology: Doctrine for Life. 5. Kapitel (The Puritans on the Trinity). Pos. 3672-3678.