Standpunkt: Verlasst euch nicht auf Fürsten

Passend zum Tag nach der US-amerikanischen Präsidentenwahl.

Ein Gebet aus den Psalmen

1 Halleluja! Lobe den Herrn, meine Seele! /
2 Ich will den Herrn loben, solange ich lebe, und meinem Gott lobsingen, solange ich bin.
3 Verlasset euch nicht auf Fürsten; sie sind Menschen, die können ja nicht helfen.
4 Denn des Menschen Geist muss davon, / und er muss wieder zu Erde werden; dann sind verloren alle seine Pläne.
5 Wohl dem, dessen Hilfe der Gott Jakobs ist, der seine Hoffnung setzt auf den Herrn, seinen Gott,
6 der Himmel und Erde gemacht hat, das Meer und alles, was darinnen ist; der Treue hält ewiglich, /
7 der Recht schafft denen, die Gewalt leiden, der die Hungrigen speiset. Der Herr macht die Gefangenen frei.
8 Der Herr macht die Blinden sehend. Der Herr richtet auf, die niedergeschlagen sind. Der Herr liebt die Gerechten.
9 Der Herr behütet die Fremdlinge / und erhält Waisen und Witwen; aber die Gottlosen führt er in die Irre.
10 Der Herr ist König ewiglich, dein Gott, Zion, für und für. Halleluja! (Ps 146)

Gebet für das Land: 7 Sünden zu bekennen

Joe Rigneys Gebet für sein Land mache ich auch zu meinem:

Father, our nation is awash in sexual foolishness. We have exalted our lusts and pursued them with reckless abandon.
Father, for over forty years, our nation has sought to escape the consequences of sexual immorality by legally permitting violence against the weakest members of the human race.
Father, our nation is rent apart by ethnic and racial strife. Our sad history is filled with racial superiority, animosity, and oppression of the most grievous kind.
Father, we are an anxious and fearful people. For all of our bluster and bragging, we are so easily shaken.
Father, our nation is shot through with envy, covetousness, and greed. We crave and crave, and demand and demand more and more.
Father, we are a nation with a lying tongue. We love lies. We have exchanged your truth for a lie.
Father, at the heart of our nation’s sins is the great sin of pride. We have placed ourselves and our wants and desires at the center of reality and sought to conform reality to us.

Christ & Politik: Grundsätzliches

Hunter Baker, Dozent für Politikwissenschaften, stellt in "10 Things You Should Know About the Election" in Kürze Grundlagen zum Thema "Christ & Politik" dar.

Den eigenen unmittelbaren Einflussbereich nicht aus den Augen verlieren

Jonathan Leemann stellt sehr gute Fragen, die weg vom politischen Horizont auf unseren unmittelbaren Einflussbereich weisen:

You who call for immigration reform, do you practice hospitality with strangers?

You who vote for family values, do you honor your parents and love your spouse self-sacrificially?

You who speak against abortion, do you physically and emotionally defraud your girlfriend? Let worldly ambition delay having children? Never make it home in time for the soccer game? Quietly acquiesce to abortion itself when push comes to shove? Or do you embrace and assist the single mothers in your church? Do you encourage adoption?

You who talk about welfare reform, do you give to the needy in your congregation?

You who proclaim that all lives matter, who are your friends? Do they all look like you? 

You who rightly lament structural injustices, do you work against them in your own congregation? Do you rejoice with those who rejoice, and weep with those who weep?

You who fight for traditional marriage, do you submit to your husband, or love your wife, cherishing her as you would your own body and washing her with the water of the Word?

You who are concerned about the economy and the job market, do you obey your boss with a sincere heart, not as a people pleaser but as you would obey Christ?

You who care about corporate tax rates, how do you treat your employees? Do you threaten them, forgetting that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and that there is no partiality with him?

You who opine on social media, do you gladly share the Lord’s Supper with the church member who disagrees? Do you pray for their spiritual good?