Input: Schaeffers prophetischer Blick in seinem letzten Werk

Vor über 30 Jahren verfasste Francis Schaeffer sein letztes Buch The Great Evangelical Desaster. Das Buch gibt es in der deutschen Übersetzung Die grosse Anpassung umsonst online zum Download. Hier geht es zu meiner Besprechung des Buches.

Evangelical Focus hat 10 Aspekte herausgepflückt, die er treffsicher voraussah:

1. Growing Relativism: No longer was God to set the rules and call the shots; but rather humankind was to determine what was good and evil, true and false.

2. Lack of Discipline: Many churches had fallen into the trap of downplaying Christian doctrine (absolutes) by refusing to take action against false teachers.

3: Compromise: The sad mark of his age was one of continual compromise on all fronts, both doctrinal and practical.

4. Social Work: Instead of keeping focused on the Gospel, many evangelical churches were running off in the liberal direction of “confusing the kingdom of God with a socialistic program”.

5. The Temptation of Ecumensim: Every type of non-biblical theological fantasy was being permitted for the love of church unity.

6. Abortion: Mass abortion was simply the outworking of a revived hedonistic attitude which put a person’s happiness above a sacred respect for human life.

7. (Theological) Liberalism: The denial of the supernatural; belief in the all-sufficiency of human reason; the rejection of the Fall; denial of the deity of Christ and his resurrection; belief in the perfectibility of man; and the destruction of the Bible,

8. Hedonism: The meaning of life ultimately revolves around one’s happiness, pleasure and feeling good at the moment.

9. The Loss of Propositional Revelation: Schaeffer’s stress was not primarily upon a believer’s subjective religious experience, but upon the objective account of revelation displayed in Scripture.

10. The Inerrant Scriptures: The Bible is without error not only when it speaks of values, the meaning system and religious things, but it is also without error when it speaks of history and the cosmos.